Memorial project on the " Mignano Gap"

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The idea of a memorial to the U S Army Third Infantry Division arose at the end of historical research done in the area defined in 1943 as Mignano Gap" and from the knowledge of the sacrifice of so many "Dogface Soldiers" who sacrificed themselves in November 1943 to open the gap to Cassino One of the most important battles in Italy for the Third Division had no place for commemoration and remembrance Hence the request to the Office for the Protection of the Culture of Memory and Defense, to be able to place a small memorial within the grounds of the Montelungo Memorial Museum, because it marks the highest point of advance of the Third Infantry Division US Army, in the Italian Campaign after the Battipaglia landing The subsequent landing at Neptune will lead, with very heavy sacrifices of men and means to the liberation of Rome On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the battles on the Mignano Pass, we felt a duty to the fallen soldiers and veterans of those battles to ask the Italian military authorities for a memorial to remember them.

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