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Our Foundation is wholly run by the donations made by you. Without your donations, we could not continue to do the work we do. We are 100% not-for-profit and all donations are tax-deductible.

Society of the 3rd ID Scholarship Foundation

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John Weis
c/o Society Scholarship Foundation
8893 Filiz Lane
Powell, OH  43065

We wish to thank our generous donors. You have made the program not only possible but also a success.

Platinum Donors  
  Joe Ball
  Col. Terrence A. Smith
     “In honor of the 184th Infantry (Air Assault) OIF 2005-2006. A Valorous Unit.”
Silver Donors  
  James Hafer
  Marvin and Judith Kostka
  Marvin Albright
  Jeffrey L. Danby
  Albert “Win” Dodge
  Jack Doherty
  Samuel Fricks
  Alfred Julia
     c/o OP5
  Marvin and Loretta Morris
  Harvey (dec.) and Francis "Fran" Sladkus
  Michael Tapper
  Louis W. Weber
Bronze Donors  
  Ben Baker
  James Baker
  Lawrence Budzeyko
  Doris Davis
  Warren P. Dartell
  Matthew Delvental
  Willis Frazier
  Richard Haneckow
  Melvin Ingram
  Harry Kee
     “In honor of All Deceased Members of the Division and Attached Units”
  Mike McClintock
     “In honor of MSG Robert ‘Red Dog’ Schroeder”
  Robert Meganck
  Milo Moyano
  Leonidas Savas
  Herbert Summers