Past Winners

History of Helping Others Achieve

In total, we have awarded over 120 scholarship grant awards, and helped over a 100 students achieve their goal of a higher education. Each year, following announcement of our recipients, their profiles and photographs appear in the August issue of The Watch on the Rhine, and they are currently listed below.

Past Winners by year are:

2023 2022 2019 2018 2017
Alexandra Harper Cassandra Anderson Cole Blanchard Haley Blanchard Taylor Averitt
Caitlin Magennis Cole Blanchard Haley Blanchard Sedona Bulle Haley Blanchard
Gabrielle Gurrola Erika Brock Daniel Bohnemann Danielle Edwards Gizangely Marrero
Jackson Capra Carissa Cavicchioni Amelia Brooks Lauren Harrington Grace Maurer
Kirya Bergstrom William Eden Tyler Earnest Emily Kolasheski Stephanie Nussio
Lily Weis Monica Lopez Lawrence Eiden Gillian MacNeil Matthew Alex Roach
Shelby Fricks Gillian MacNeil Michael Hagerty Stephanie Nussio Katherine Spellmon
Willow Myers Laura Smith Lauren Harrington Sierra Wright Sierra Wright
  Tristan Hans Smith Caroline Irving    
    Gillian MacNeil    
    Elizabeth Nussio    
  2016 2015 2014 2013
  Austin Blanchard Austin Blanchard Sadie Dean-Jurney Remi Farnan
  Haley Blanchard Benjamin Edwards Gillian Farnan Kaylee McGraw-Wright
  Westley Brooks Kathryn Kendall Brittany Griner Lauren Munoz
  Sedona Bulle Jamie Keup Garrett Hoie Jennifer Nussio
  Kaylee McGraw-Wright Kelli Kolasheski Kaylee McGraw-Wright Alexandra Ridel
  Matthew Alex Roach Kaylee McGraw-Wright Matthew Alec Roach Natalie Rosen
  Ryan Rosen Stephanie Nussio Natalie Rosen Jared Luiz Stalder 
  Hannah Yaeger Luke Rhoades Jared Luiz Stalder Rachel Syler
    Matthew Alex Roach Rach Syler Hope Tiezzi
  2012 2011 2010 2009
  Lauren Appenzeller Danielle Allyn Michael DesJardin Christine Buchwald
  Andrew Buchwald Alden B Coffin Emma Kavanagh Yuliya Harris
  Christine Buchwald Sarah Dingee Patrick Thomas Motel Dnaiel Moulton
  Kacie Lundy Ashley Gilmore Christine M. Nussio Christine M. Nussio
  Jennifer Nussio Aidan Hoie Ethan Vail James Shaw
  Ina Robinson Justin Miller Zachary Vail Antia Marie Syler
  Morrow Toomey Christine Nussio Joecelyn Willis Grace Tiezzi
  Ethan Vail Ina Robinson Erick Yaeger Ethan Vail
  Mark Walton Ethan Vail    
    Crippen Zion    
  2008 2007 2006 2005
  Kristin Costa Alison Manley Kimberly Timmers Tyle Kane
  Christine M. Nussio Ina Robinson Nicole Wrinkler Andrew Michaels
  Ashleigh Roberts Erin Willis   Justin Vail
  Erin Willis      
  Kurt Yeager