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Society of the 3rd Infantry Division

The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division is the Army’s oldest continuously active military society and has supported Dogface Soldiers of the division since 1919. The Society exists to honor fallen Dogface Soldiers, to support division and family members, and to perpetuate a social network of Dogface Soldiers, past and present.

How have we supported you and the division? We have contributed much time and funds to send care packages and letters to Marne Soldiers fighting the Global War on Terrorism while providing items of comfort to families left behind, such as handmade baby blankets for new moms and 3rd I.D. embroidered handkerchiefs to warrior mothers. We have also provided comfort to our Marne Soldiers recovering in military hospitals nationwide, bringing them such items as 3rd ID-logoed pajamas, phone cards, wallets, underwear, and sweat suits.

To help Marne Soldiers past and present, their children, and spouses, our Scholarship Foundation continues to award higher education grants annually. The Society also supports many division activities such as the “Soldier and Family Appreciation Days” providing over 500 meals for our Soldiers and families, donating framed Marne prints to present to the hospitals caring for our wounded, and participating in honoring our fallen at each event. A member in France has even formed an Association whose goal it is to enlist French citizens to adopt the graves of our Soldiers buried in France. The “Parents and Grandparents” decorate their adopted Soldiers’ graves several times each year. This is a very successful program that brings comfort to families in the U.S. who cannot visit their loved one’s graves.

As a member of the 3rd ID Society, you will also receive six issues of The Watch on the Rhine, the Society’s newsletter dedicated to keeping Society members abreast of our great division’s ongoing efforts (past and present) to defend our great nation. The Watch also keeps you abreast of Society efforts to support our mighty Marne family, including stories and comments from our Soldiers, past and present. Additionally, you will receive The Roster, published every three years, that allows you to keep up with those you served with as well as the new friendships you will develop.

As a Dogface Soldier, you have experienced the bonds created while serving with your comrades—bonds that later in life often become as important to you as family. Believe us ol’ Dogface Soldiers when we tell you that you will be glad you kept up with comrades you served beside while assigned to our great division.

By becoming a member, you will be a part of the powerful support net provided by your division and its brave Dogface Soldiers and their families. The Society has been there for you and your family. It’s up to you, the men and women of the division and those attached units, to keep this great Society going. Stay Connected.

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