Marne 6 Sends Aug 2023

Marne 6 Sends Aug 2023

Marne 6 Sends
MG Chris Norrie

Honorary President

Greetings to all Dogface Soldiers and friends of the Marne Division.

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself as the new Commanding General for the 3rd Infantry Division and proud Dogface Soldier. I’m Maj. Gen. Chris Norrie and I am excited to join the team here at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. My previous assignment was the Director of the People First Task Force at the Department of the Army Headquarters stationed at the Pentagon. My wife Kathy and I are happy to join the Coastal Georgia community and begin this new adventure with the division.

Also coming on board is Command Sgt. Maj. Jonathan Reffeor and his wife Jennifer. They are no stranger to the 3rd Infantry Division since he was the Raider Brigade Command Sgt. Maj. just three years ago. As a new team together, we already have new challenges and missions on the horizon to include a nine-month division rotation to Europe to support our NATO allies and partners and deter Russian aggression late this summer.

Summer is the season of transitions and this summer we have seen a large turnover of command teams at every echelon. Raider Brigade welcomed new commander Col. Jim Armstrong to the team just as the brigade resumes their modernization cycle after their return from their rotation in Europe. The brigade has accepted the Army’s newest version of tanks, bradleys, artillery, and personnel carriers and have begun training towards certification on the new equipment. Raiders will not deploy with the division this summer, but instead, get validated as a brigade with their new equipment at one of the Army’s premier training centers next year.

Spartan Brigade continues to prepare for our division’s upcoming rotation to Europe by packing and loading their containers and equipment. They have welcomed new Soldiers to their formations and are ensuring the readiness of their unit prior to the upcoming deployment. Their command team remains in place as they prepare to support missions across Europe.

Provider Brigade welcomed Col. Jennifer McDonough to their team. She arrived at a busy time as the 385th Military Police Battalion was called upon to execute a no-notice deployment exercise. This exercise is designed to test the unit’s ability to certify and deploy personnel expeditiously within a given timeframe. Additionally, the brigade will be the first of the division to deploy, laying the sustainment foundation to receive the rest of the Division’s deploying Soldiers.

Thunder Brigade, the Division Artillery Brigade, welcomed their new commander, Col. Shawn Bault to the team. Much like the other brigades, they are working hard to certify their deploying personnel, enjoy some leave, and prepare their Soldiers and families for the upcoming rotation.

Finally, our Falcon Brigade is just about at their half-way point of their rotation in Europe. They have recently had the opportunity to do joint Personnel Recovery Team Training with Polish forces to support our NATO allies. Additionally, they have supported multiple multinational partners across Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, and Hungary to build strong regional relationships and increase interoperability.

Our Dogface Soldiers are the best in the world, and we are excited for the missions that are ahead of us. Our Soldiers and families’ readiness and preparedness is paramount as we approach this upcoming deployment.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Marne Division. We know you’re as excited as we are to see what the rest of this year holds for us.

Major General Chris Norrie
Dogface Soldier