About Us

The Society is divided into three regions, Eastern, Central, and Western, in which chapters (called Outposts) are formed. Members are assigned to outposts at their request or based on the state in which their home address is located.

Annually, the Society holds reunions when members can come together to renew friendships and make new ones. These are festive occasions that promote camaraderie.

Recognition for achievements and service are made annually at the reunion, in accordance with our Society Award Protocol, to include the Audie Murphy Achievement Award, Society Service Awards, and an Outstanding Associate Member Award.

The Watch on the Rhine is the official publication of the Society and is published and distributed bi-monthly to all members. The publication keeps members informed on recent and ongoing activities of the society, on Active Duty units, and on Veterans, as well as history and pertinent information about the Division. All members are invited to submit stories of their experiences to the Watch editor for publication.

General Information
All members in good standing receive the official bimonthly publication, The Watch on the Rhine. Life Members shall receive the Watch in the Rhine with no further dues payments during their lifetime. The National Membership Roster is printed every three years. All members receive a copy of the roster on the three-year cycle. All new members receive a copy. The next National Membership Roster will be printed in 2018.

The Society is divided into chapters, called outposts, which members are entitled to join. Outposts, at their discretion, may charge a small additional amount for out post activities. At Large members do not belong to out posts but are referred to as “Footsie Britt At Large” (named for Lt. Maurice Britt, MOH, WW2).