How to Apply

Thank-you for applying with the Society of the 3rd ID Scholarship Foundation. Please read these directions carefully and ensure you have the proper documents readily available to upload. Incomplete submissions may delay processing of your application. If you have any questions, please email the Scholarship Foundation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll respond to you by the next business day.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2024.

A sponsor, for purposes of the Scholarship Foundation, Inc. application, shall be defined as follows:
All Life and Regular Annual Members of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division as well as all direct-descendant Associate Members. Direct-descendant Associate Members who are direct descendants of a Soldier who served with the 3rd Infantry Division may sponsor a biological or adopted offspring if they hold a membership in the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division. All other Associate Members who have been members in good standing of the Society for at least four years may serve as sponsors for biological or adopted offspring.

Besides your basic information, the application requires other information you should have available to complete your application:
- Name of the 3rd ID Sponsor (if someone other than parent).
- Student Relationship to Sponsor.
- The 3rd ID Division unit to which sponsor was assigned.
- Time period when sponsor was a member of the 3rd ID.
- If sponsor was Killed In Action while on active duty with the 3rd Infantry Division, please provide available details.
- State the projected cost of tuition and fees for the coming school year.
- The name and contact information of the Financial Aid Director for the school you will be attending.

Before applying for the Society of the 3rd ID Scholarships, applicants will need to have the following documents to upload with your application. Documents are recommended to be either in Microsoft Word or PDF formats. Please have these electronic copies available prior to registering your application.

Students Essay: The applicant’s two- to four-page personal essay (double-spaced) on a subject pertaining to 3rd Infantry Division history, or to national pride, or to loyalty to the nation, or to patriotism, or on another subject of applicable importance.
Include identification block in upper left-hand corner as described above.
- Include page numbers.
- Provide a title on your essay.
- Indicate the subject of your essay in the introductory paragraph.
- Ensure that your essay is fully developed with a beginning, middle, and end.
- Provide careful proofreading to ensure accuracy of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
- Ensure that your essay complies with the two-page, double-spaced, mandatory minimum.

Student Goals: A detailed statement of the applicant’s goals after graduation, academic accomplishments, financial need, extracurricular activities (both in-school and out-of-school), community service involvement, and other activities that demonstrate personal character qualities as well as potential to succeed.
- All pages must include a two-line identification block in the upper left-hand corner, which contains your name and the title of the document (example: “Goals”).
- All pages must be numbered: numbers can be placed in the lower right-hand corner or included in the upper left-hand corner, as the third line of the identification block (example: page 1 of 3).

Sponsor Letter: A statement from the applicant's sponsor attesting to the applicant’s eligibility as outlined in the 3ID Scholarship Foundation Inc.’s Purpose and By-Laws.

Letter of Admission: A Letter of Admission or evidence of enrollment from the applicant’s university, college, or vocational school of choice. The applicant also must have a student identification number assigned by his/her institution of higher learning.

High School Principal Letter: A letter from the applicant’s high school principal attesting to the applicant’s character if applicant is attending or has recently graduated from high school. (If applicant is currently attending college, please disregard this requirement.)

Teachers Recommendations: Letters of recommendation from two teachers concerning the applicant’s progress in current or most recent classes or subjects. Please put both letters into one document to upload during the application process.

Transcript: The applicant’s official high school or college transcript.

Financial Aid Advisor: Name of contact, phone number, and complete address of Financial Aid division in charge of accepting and assigning scholarship fund awards received from outside agencies.

Students Photo: The applicant’s reproducible photograph, attached to the application. (In the event that the applicant receives a scholarship/student aid grant, this photograph will be published, with recognition of the applicant, in The Watch on the Rhine.) Photographs that have been reproduced using a photocopier such as Xerox will not be accepted. Graduation photos are acceptable.