Membership User Update

Updated Procedures for Society Members

The Society has completed the migration to the new application. Your Society membership information was moved over and the associated user id’s with your profile. Logging into the Society website and clicking on “My Profile” under the Membership menu option should provide you access to your membership profile.

Please Note:

You must login to the Society website with the same user id and password when you created your membership profile. If you have used the “Remember Me” checkbox, your user id and password should automatically be filled in. Once logged in, you can view your membership profile by mousing over the Membership menu, and then clicking on My Profile.

If you previously had not used the “Remember Me” box, enter your user id and password into the boxes provided. Please check the Remember Me box to help speed up future logins. If there is a problem logging into the website and you don’t remember your user id or password, use the boxes under the login box to retrieve your login credentials. If you experience any problems, you can email tech support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance or by using the Contact Us option, Membership/Tech Support.

Thank-you for your patience as we complete the updates to our website.

The Society of the 3rd ID.