Life Membership

Application for Society Lifetime Membership

Active Duty Life Membership Eligibility
Regular Active Duty Lifetime Members:  Present Active Duty Soldiers who have served in the 3rd Infantry Division or are serving/have served in supporting attached units of the 3rd Infantry Division, regardless of branch of service.  Active Duty Lifetime membership is a one-time charge of $150.

Domestic and Overseas Membership Eligibility
Regular Members:  Present Soldiers, Veterans with honorable service in the Third Infantry Division and those who were members of supporting or attached units of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Associate Members:  Spouses, parents, children, grandchildren, siblings of any person eligible for Regular membership and any person with a special interest in or an affinity for The Third Infantry Division.

Please Note: Domestic and Overseas Lifetime Memberships are based on your current age at the time of sign-up.

Your Membership
As a member of our Society, you will be a part of an international organization.  You will be invited to attend national reunions annually.  You will be invited to meetings held by Outposts/Chapters throughout the nation.  Plus you will get our bi-monthly magazine and more.

Thank-you for joining The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free