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Outpost #88 members tandem jumped at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, on June 21, 2017. Retired Major Jeff Falkel, Special Forces, arranged for Hershey Miyamura, his granddaughter, Marisa (a Cpt. in the USAF, stationed at Moody AFB, Georgia), and Joe Annello to jump with retired members of the Golden Knights. The trip was sponsored by American Airlines. While the original plan called for the jump to occur on June 20th, heavy rain caused the delay until the 21st.

This delay enabled Hershey and Joe to visit the Airborne Museum at Ft. Bragg—a very interesting tour. They also visited the 3rd Special Forces Group (ABN) and talked about their experiences in Korea. Major Falkel’s son, SSGT Chris Falkel was killed in Afghanistan in 2005 while serving with this unit. He was awarded the Silver Star for Heroism. A plaque commemorates his heroism in the Warriors Walk of Fame in front to the Group Headquarters.

The participants in the jump attended the required briefing on safety aspects of the jump and what to expect, and they met the Golden Knights team members with whom they were to jump. Hershey jumped with Gregg Windmiller; Marissa jumped with Mark Crawford, and Joe jumped with Mike Elliot. (Mike Elliot had tandem jumped with former President George Bush, Sr.)

Joe said, “It was an exciting and exhilarating experience for all of us that jumped—one we will never forget.” Major Falkel also jumped with them that day. On the following day, Hershey, Jeff, and Joe visited the Special OPS Escape and Evasion School. They spoke to the Cadre about their experiences as POWs. They had a great time and met many truly dedicated troops during their visit.

Submitted by Joe Annello, President

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