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Outpost #22 members have been actively enjoying summer, by playing more. We have enjoyed numerous cultural festivities (i.e.: the Lompoc and Carlsbad Flower Festivals, the Lily and Lotus festivals, food and wine festivals in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Paso Robles). We attend plays, go cherry picking, go to marathons, enjoy visiting museums, fishing, photographing nature, competing in the Golden Age Games, the National Veteran Wheelchair Games, attending county fairs, parades, 4th of July programs, and more. We are spending more time with family and friends; we eat right, take long walks, and try to enjoy life. Outpost #22 wishes our 3rd I.D. brothers and sisters improved health, happiness, and improved quality of life. Thanks for your service.

Submitted by Ron Greenwood, Secretary-Treasurer

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