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One year ago I was humbly elected as your Society President. As I look back on what we have accomplished in the last year I am amazed. We have accomplished much at the National level and I am thankful to the Executive Committee Members, our Committee Chairs and our hard working Staff for making sure that the Society continues on the strong path that we are on.

But we must not rest. We are still in need of recruiting more members and in diversifying our Society to reflect the wishes of our membership. I asked the Outposts to become more involved in their communities and many responded with innovative and pragmatic programs that are worthy of duplication by other Outposts. I thank all of you for your efforts and your dedication to our Society. Thank you!

The future looks bright and were are working on several new initiatives. First, this year marks 100 years since our great division was activated at Camp Green, N.C! Only seven months after being formed, the division would experience combat in the trenches of WWI. The Marne Express has not stopped since.

To celebrate the centennial of the division we have struck a centennial challenge coin that is currently available online at our website. You can also send your order and payment to me in the mail and I will send out a coin to you. Each coin is numbered and comes in its own handsome case. Only 500 were made and no more will be available once they are all sold. Don't wait to get yours. The are already collectors items. Instructions to purchase a coin can be found in the following pages.

To further celebrate the centennial of the division and the Society, we have a surprise that we will unveil at this years reunion in San Antonio. This is a once in the lifetime program and will benefit ALL of our members, Veterans, Active Duty Soldiers, Families and Gold Star Families. If you want to be the first to know what it is, you will have to attend the reunion to find out. Otherwise, we will announce this program in our October issue. It is truly magnificent!

We are also planning an “Outpost Rendezvous” at this years reunion. This first-ever event will happen on Friday night, September 29, 2017 from 6 pm until 9pm. It is designed to bring together the Various Outposts in the hospitality room for an informal event. We are planning on having a guest speaker, we will recognize a Vietnam Veteran who is currently a Texas Ranger, free hors d'oeuvres along with the free beer and wine, each Outpost is asked to “decorate” their table or bring their colors to show their pride. This will be an informal Social event and it is hoped that new friendships will be established and old friendships strengthened.

The Executive Committee recently approved the formation of our new fundraising Committee. The overall tasks of this committee will be to help the Society raise funds for its various activities and to help reduce costs of others, such as the reunions and printing costs. We need people who are interested in serving on this committee to contact me. This needs to be a nation-wide effort. Outpost Marne Association President, Jeff Ashmen, has graciously agreed to serve as the Chairman. Thank you Jeff!

We would also like to welcome our new Awards Chair, Sergeant First Class Ken Drake. Ken currently serves on Active Duty with the 3rd ID Band and his nomination has been confirmed by the Executive Committee. You can read more about him in the following pages. Welcome Aboard, Ken!

I have received two requests for assistance from members trying to reserve Handicap Accessible rooms at the hotel for the reunion. When booking one of these types of rooms, central appointments will quote a higher price than what is contracted with the Society. This is due to a system error that blocks any reduction in price for those rooms. If you have this same problem, please make the reservation and then CALL TRISH BLANTON at the reunion Brat who will coordinate the lower price with the contract representative at the hotel. Her contact info is: Phone: 360-663-2521 or email at: thereunionbrat@hotmail.com

Speaking of the hotel reservations. If you have NOT made your reservations, I advise that you do so soon. San Antonio is a very popular city to travel to and many hotels fill up quickly. Please do not wait.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Independence Day activities. Many Americans forget that the enjoyment of this day has come at a high price. Tens of thousands of Men and Woman who have served in our countries cloth laid down their lives to ensure that July 4th is enjoyed by so many millions in our country. And please do not forget the Men and Woman who are currently standing guard on freedoms frontier around the world. They sacrifice for us and we are indebted to them. May God bless you and your family and may God Bless our great country. Rock of the Marne!

Rock of the Marne,

Toby Knight

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