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Types of Membership and Eligibility


Regular Members: Present Soldiers, Veterans with honorable service in the Third Infantry Division and those who were members of supporting or attached Units of the 3rd ID.

Associate Members: Spouses, parents, children, grandchildren, siblings of any person eligible for Regular membership and any person with a special interest in or an affinity for The Third Infantry Division.

First Year Annual Dues:

            Domestic: Active Duty, Regular or Associate Annual Membership……..….    $20.00

            Overseas Addresses: Regular or Associate Annual Membership …………..  $35.00

Life Membership:

            Recipients of the Medal of Honor …………………………….……………. No Charge

            Regular and Associate Life Membership dues are based on the following scales:

            AGE GROUP                           DOMESTIC                             OVERSEAS

            Up to age 39                            $400.00                                     $1,2800.00

            Ages 40-49                              $350.00                                         $925.00

            Ages 50-59                              $300.00                                         $685.00

            Ages 60-69                              $250.00                                         $475.00

            Ages 70-79                              $200.00                                         $310.00

            Ages 80 and over                     $150.00                                         $275.00

These Life Membership dues apply to both Regular and Associate Members. Contact John A. Weis, 8893 Filiz Lane, Powell OH 43065, for information on extended payment plans.

We've provided two methods for your convenience to join the Society.  You can join by using our online process or print the membership application, complete and mail in with your payment.

Online Application:  To complete the online membership application, please select from one of the following options listed under the "Membership" menu option at the top of the page.

Mail-in ApplicationPlease click this link if you would like to print and mail in your Membership Application.

Please Note:  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the membership application. 


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