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The town of Le Luc in Provence, which two years ago dedicated a commemorative plaque honoring the 3d Infantry Division for its part in the liberation of the town in August 1944, continued honoring of the Division through the naming of the major bridge in town, the “Bridge of the 3d Infantry Division, American, Rock of the Marne.” The naming ceremony with plaque dedication was held on Friday, 15 January 2016, and was conducted by Mayor Patricia Zirilli with the participation of local veterans associations.

Deputy Mayor Pascal Verrelle, a Society member, played a major role in the project. Both Mayor Zirilli and Deputy Mayor Verrelle are great supporters of the Society and of the 3d Infantry Division. Le Luc was a critical point along the Route National 7 which was crucial to the Division’s ability to move west rapidly and prevent a coherent German defense of the Argens River Valley. Elements of both the 45th Infantry Division and French Combat Command Sudre were also involved in the fight for Le Luc which was finally liberated once elements of the 30th Infantry Regiment joined in the fighting to finally clear the town.

OP Secretary and Historian Tim Stoy was privileged to participate in a wreath ceremony at the Tomb of George Washington at Mount Vernon on Washington’s Birthday on 22 February. Tim, a great admirer of George Washington, was honored to be selected along with another military veteran to participate in Mount Vernon’s commemoration of Washington’s 284th birthday. It was a beautiful day at Mount Vernon and a great day to remember our country’s first President and the victorious commander of American forces in the Revolution!

Submitted by Monika Stoy, President

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