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Audie Murphy Outpost #35 met at Mamacita’s Restaurant in Fredericksburg, Texas, on June 21st hosted by Lucia Hilderbrand and spouse Joe Hilderbrand a WWII Veteran. In attendance were Joe and Lynn Ball, Kayla Cain, Milt and Barbara Carr, Bob Dalton, Paul Grabert, Lucia and Joe Hilderbrand, Linda and Jim Reeves, Keith Schmidt, James Timmens and guest Becky Godina, and Justin Valle.

Following an excellent luncheon, Joe Ball called the meeting to order at 12:40 PM with an Invocation by Justin Valle. Lucia and Joe led the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag, and the group sang “Dogface Soldier.” Kayla Cain’s name was drawn for the first door prize (a book about WWII) and Joe Hilderbrand received the second door prize, a 3rd I.D. Flag. The Minutes of the previous meeting was accepted as written. Lynn then delivered her current report which follows Joe’s Reports.

Outpost President Joe 25 mayorhonorsBall’s Reports: Joe started his reports with a few words about Eileen Hill, spouse of deceased George Hill, who wanted to attend the meeting but was visiting with her daughter who came from Australia. Joe briefly reviewed some speeches he delivered for Memorial Day services. Next was a discussion of articles about the implementation of a new policy clearing the way for transgender men and women to join the armed forces (according to Military Times). This led to some brief discussion of the new policy. Joe also discussed an article about Defense Secretary Mattis’ statement that he intends to bolster the military’s size, strength, and war-fighting capabilities while curtailing expenses. There are some changes coming to your Medicare card. The Social Security number will be eliminated. Instead the new card will have an MBI (Member Beneficiary Identifier) used for billing and for checking eligibility and claim status.

Jim Reeves, who is quite knowledgeable in the areas of finance, led an informative discussion on the DoD’s Basic Pay to Salary Conversion due to be implemented in January 2018. Joe briefly discussed military base closures planned from now through 2021. Finally, Joe reviewed some very interesting facts about “Decoration Day,” now known as Memorial Day. He included mention of various locations where Memorial Day events were held this year and informed us of a resolution requiring Americans in all time zones to observe a national moment of remembrance at 3:00 PM. He also recognized the regiments that fought alongside the 3rd Infantry Division during WWII and listed the numbers of casualties they sustained and the Battle Credits they earned. He concluded his discussion with facts about the “Adopt a Grave” program, led by Member Jocelyne Papelard, at Epinal American Cemetery, and he provided some facts about the numbers of deaths due to hostile actions, non-hostile, and totals, as well as the number of those who died worldwide in all services. Throughout the meeting there were many comments by attendees. We were very pleased to hear their views.

Secretary/Treasurer Lynn Ball reported on membership and new members, Joe’s greeting card program, Society reunions (2017 and 2018), requests for stories for the Watch on the Rhine, highlights of the Scholarship Foundation Fundraising Raffle and the Scholarship Grants Program, and highlights of Audie Murphy Day in Farmersville, Texas.

TAPS: Outpost member Dr. Marco Montoya, 72, of Austin, Texas, passed away on November 17, 2017. Marco served with the 3rd Infantry Division and was discharged with the rank of 1st Lieutenant. He then served with the U.S. Public Health Service as a Captain. Marco was also a former Trustee of the Scholarship Foundation. The Foundation awarded a scholarship grant in honor and memory of Marco

New Program: Lynn announced the Scholarship Foundation’s program to send small gifts of thanks to those who contribute $100 or more to the Scholarship Foundation. This program is not intended to entice people to contribute more; it is intended as a means of thanking those who contribute so generously.

Treasurer’s Report: We have sufficient funds to continue outpost business as usual through November of 2017. We thank everyone who has sent donations to enable us to send mailings to all members of Outpost #35. In a perfect world, we like to send 10 communications per year (including anniversary, birthday, and Christmas cards).

Outpost Fall Meeting: We discussed the fall meeting and identified Fort Worth or Austin, Texas, as possible meeting sites. A meeting invitation will be sent with a newsletter one month before the meeting.

Motion to Close: At 2:05 PM, Justin Valle moved to close the meeting, seconded by Bob Dalton. The meeting adjourned with a benediction by Justin Valle, followed by photographs of our group.

Submitted by Lynn Ball, Secretary-Treasurer

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