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Greetings to all Dog Face Soldiers, Families, and friends of the Marne Division.  I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits as the Division embarks on its 100th Anniversary.  The Marne Division continues to set the standard for the U.S. Army as we execute several key training events at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield in preparation for vital missions across the globe. 

The Headquarters has transitioned several key personnel over the last 90 days.  We welcomed Command Sergeant Major Daniel Hendrex as the 28th Third Infantry Division Command Sergeant Major on 10 July.  His most recent assignment was the Senior Enlisted Leader for Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan.  His experiences are exactly what this Division needs as 3ID is fully engaged across the world.  We officially welcomed Colonel Sean Bernabe, Commander of Task Force Marne, Colonel Christopher Boyle, Division Chief of Staff, and Colonel Scott O’Neal, Task Force Marne Chief of Staff, and their families to the Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield team on 21 July.  They join us at a critical time, as the Division Headquarters prepares for a deployment to Afghanistan and the remainder of the brigades in the Division continue to build readiness.  Simultaneously, Task Force Marne (Division Rear Detachment) is standing up, and they prepare to assume the command duties and responsibilities at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.

The Division staff recently returned from a Pre-Deployment Sight Survey in Afghanistan.  The 3ID Staff worked with their counterparts on the 1st Cavalry Division Staff at Bagram Airfield to prepare for our upcoming United States Forces – Afghanistan (USFOR-A) deployment.  Simultaneously, the Division facilitated the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team’s (Georgia Army National Guard) annual summer training event at Fort Stewart, to prepare the Volunteer Brigade for their upcoming rotation at the Joint Readiness Training Center.  Finally, the staff supported Operation Marne Resolve, a Mission Readiness Exercise for the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade and the 3rd Sustainment Brigade.  The exercise incorporated support from across the Division and prepared these two brigades for deployment.

The Raiders from the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team completed the Leadership Training Program (LTP) at the National Training Center (NTC) in June.  This training enabled the brigade and battalion staffs to exercise and refine staff operating procedures while allowing key leaders to conduct reconnaissance of the training areas to better prepare for a successful rotation.  Upon completion of LTP, the Raider Brigade returned to home station and began gunnery operations to train and certify lethal crews, platoons, and companies prior to their October NTC rotation.

The Spartans of 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team provided the preponderance of support to the Volunteers of the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team during their XCTC exercise in June.  Spartan Soldiers served as Observer Controller/Trainers throughout the training exercise, while commanders at all echelons partnered with their Volunteer counterparts to accelerate learning.  This collective training event solidified the bonds between the Volunteer Brigade, the Spartan Brigade, and the Marne Division – a relationship that will continue to set the standard for the National Guard – Active Duty partnership under the Associated Unit Pilot.  While supporting XCTC, the Spartan Brigade continues to transition to an Armor Brigade Combat Team, to greatly increase the Marne Division’s and the U.S. Army’s armored combat power.

The Volunteers of the 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) successfully executed a rigorous 21-day XCTC rotation from 5-25 June at Fort Stewart.  The Volunteers executed over 615 training events, successfully leveraging this opportunity to build and sustain readiness for their brigade collective level training event in May 2018.  Following XCTC, the Volunteer Brigade looks forward to their Command Post Exercise at Fort Stewart in September, where they will incorporate lessons learned into a staff focused training event.  The Soldiers of the 48th IBCT continue to set the standard for National Guard integration, increasing the readiness for both the 3rd Infantry Division and the 48th IBCT.

The Falcons of 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade (3 CAB) and the Providers of 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade (3ID SB) continue to provide aviation and logistical support to all Brigade Combat Teams within the Division.  The 4th Assault Helicopter Battalion and 87th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion successfully supported the 4th Brigade, 25th Infantry Division rotation 17-07.5 at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC).  This high intensity training increased the Division’s readiness and prepared these two battalions for future deployments.  Following recovery operations and XCTX support, 3 CAB and 3ID SB executed a comprehensive pre-deployment Mission Readiness Exercise (Operation Marne Resolve).  Operation Marne Resolve, consisting of real, simulated, and constructed injects, served as the culminating training event for the brigades.

The Division Artillery Brigade (DIVARTY) continued to provide essential fires in support of the Division’s maneuver training and live fires.  1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery Regiment was instrumental in training 1st Battalion, 118th Field Artillery Regiment, 48th IBCT.  1-9 FA OC/Ts increased the Hickory Battalion’s readiness and ability to provide field artillery support to 48th IBCT.  Additionally, DIVARTY conducted a change of command on 13 July and we bid farewell to Colonel Todd Wasmund and welcomed Colonel Robert Marshall to the Marne Team. 

Your Marne Division continues to move forward, always ready to fight and win our Nation’s wars.  We currently have Soldiers deployed to over ten countries in support of rotational and contingency missions.  I ask you to remember all of our Soldiers currently deployed, and the sacrifices they and their Families make.  Please also remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice – I ask that we honor all Gold Star Families and their Service Members, to include keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

Rock of the Marne! Army Strong!
Leopoldo A. Quintas, Jr.,
Major General, U.S. Army, Commanding

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